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Henry George and Single Tax History

The traditional basic course in political economy offered by the Henry George School follows closely the presentation by Henry George in his master work, Progress and Poverty. The basic course is comprised of ten lessons, with a socratic exchange based on weekly reading assignments and written questions related thereto. Ed Dodson, who has been teaching Henry George's political economy for many years, has now developed an alternative course structure that more extensively incorporates a history of economy thought and economic policy as applied in the United States. This course begins with a biographical presentation of Henry George's life and the global movement that developed to spread his analysis and proposals. This first session is followed by 27 modules requiring one hour or less of classroom time to present and discuss. Each module is in the form of a PowerPoint slide show. The instructor will read the captioned material on each slide, calling on students to read quotations included from the writings of Henry George and other figures. The materal on some slides is designed to present relevant statistics, providing the basis for classroom discussion. How much time is spent on each slide will depend on the instructor's ability to bring additional insights to the presentation and to generate classroom discussion.

Fundamentals course - overview.ppt — Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, 4990Kb

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